Brain Feathers - Book One

Coming Soon

by Kaywood Oryx

Illustrated by HoloPhoenix

Dr. Miri has summoned the plague doctors to Canyon Falls, for there is a dark spell on the horizon....

Garbanzo, a hermit weaponsmith of the jackalope race, cannot escape the watchmen-patrolled island where he first immigrated twenty years ago. Everything changes when Garbanzo attracts the attention of a monocle-eyed medical doctor, her sister nurse, and their team of nightmarish plague doctors.

Dr. Miri, who runs a medical clinic at Canyon Mill, cannot escape her curiosity about a closed population; the enigma churns her overactive mind. When a familiar stranger’s erratic messages light up her screen, the two spheres collide in a web of duality as the doctor discovers the metaphysical barrier between infection and connection. Some bonds are beyond ordinary.

Deep bonds carve space for the darkest pain—and even the microscopic can trigger catastrophic change.

But there is no stopping now—even if it means suffering the blackening—for the Great Work is not yet finished.

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